Training Tidbits

At Do Better Training, we're excited to present Training Tidbits, a specialized short-term board and train experience designed to provide your furry companion with a taste of training excellence during brief stays. 

Open to all dogs of all ages.

Training Tidbits

$175 a day

Whether your dog is staying with us for a long weekend getaway or a 5-day trip, Training Tidbits offers a taste of the transformative experience we provide at Do Better Training. Our experienced trainers will work closely with your dog to establish positive behaviors, reinforce existing training, and provide enrichment activities to keep them happy and fulfilled during their boarding experience. While Training Tidbits won't resolve behavioral issues in a short time frame, it serves as a valuable first step on your dog's training journey. 

Package Highlights:

  • Tailored Training in Bite-Sized Sessions: With Training Tidbits, your dog will receive personalized attention and instruction tailored to their individual needs, all condensed into brief yet impactful sessions. From reinforcing basic commands to addressing specific behavioral concerns, our experienced trainers ensure that every moment counts towards your dog's development.

  • Positive Reinforcement in Every Tidbit: At Do Better Training, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement to foster lasting behavioral change. Each training tidbit is infused with encouragement, rewards, and plenty of tail wags, creating a fun and rewarding learning environment for your canine companion.

  • Comprehensive Care at Do Better Training: As part of the Do Better Training family, your dog will benefit from our renowned standards of care and expertise. From clean and comfortable accommodations to round-the-clock supervision, we prioritize your dog's well-being every step of the way.

  • Daily Updates and Transparent Communication: We understand the importance of staying connected with your furry friend, even during short stays. That's why we provide daily updates on your dog's progress, along with transparent communication regarding their training journey and overall experience at Do Better Training.

Our Training Philosophy:

At Do Better Training, we recognize that training is a journey, not a destination. We approach each dog's learning process with patience, understanding, and dedication. Our programs are designed to meet your dog where they are socially and behaviorally, setting realistic goals and expectations for their development.

We believe in debunking the myth of quick fixes and miracle cures. Instead, we emphasize the importance of consistent practice and reinforcement to achieve lasting results. With our structured approach and supportive environment, we pave the way for your dog to reach their full potential by providing a positive foundation for their growth.

Short-Term Training Tidbits: A Start on the Lifelong Journey:

It's important to note that while Training Tidbits offer valuable training experiences, they will not resolve deep-seated behavioral challenges overnight. Instead, they serve as the first step on a lifelong training journey for your furry friend. While we cannot promise quick fixes or miracle cures, our dedicated trainers work diligently to introduce positive behaviors and reinforce existing ones during your dog's stay with us. By starting with Training Tidbits, you're laying the groundwork for continued growth and success in your dog's training journey.

Join Us for a Taste of Training Excellence:

Whether your dog is with us for a few days or a week, our Short-Term Board and Train Package offer an excellent opportunity to kickstart their training journey. With our comprehensive services and experienced team, we're here to support you and your furry companion every step of the way.

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Choose Do Better Training for a transformative experience that prioritizes positive reinforcement, continual learning, and the well-being of your beloved companion.

  • LIMA Approach

    At Do Better Training, we adhere to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach in animal training and behavior modification plans. We prioritize methods that are gentle, respectful, and considerate of your pet's well-being.

  • Empowering Approach

    Our training philosophy is centered around empowerment for both you and your pet. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to build a strong, positive bond and create a harmonious life together.

  • Punishment-Free Philosophy

    We unequivocally reject the use of punishment in our training methods. Instead, we focus on positive, effective, and humane strategies that foster a trusting and positive relationship between you and your animal.

  • Science-Based Techniques

    Do Better trainers use only the latest, most effective peer reviewed training techniques.