When we know better, we do better.

At Do Better Training, we recognize the uniqueness of every pet and guardian. Our diverse range of dog training options is tailored to individual needs, fostering a harmonious bond through personalized plans and expert guidance. Join us in the shared joy of continuous improvement and a stronger connection with your beloved pets.

Do Better Dog Training Philosophy - Serving the greater Naperville Area

The Do Better Philosophy

At Do Better Training, we believe in the power of knowledge and the importance of adaptability. As we continue to learn and grow, we strive to implement the most effective and humane training methods. Our philosophy has evolved to embrace the LIFE model: Least Intrusive, Functionally Effective.

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    "We have worked with over a dozen different trainers, and Dr. Andy is truly in a league of her own"

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    "Best dog trainer I've ever had."

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    "If you are looking for an expert in the animal training world, look no further."

Dr. Andy of Do Better Dog Training

Meet Dr. Andy

Dr. Andy is the owner and lead behavior consultant, dog trainer, and educator of Do Better Training. She is a lifelong animal lover and has worked with animals professionally for 20+ years. Dr. Andy has worked as a veterinary technician, behavioral researcher, biology professor, and force-free, L.I.M.A. trainer for a variety of wild and domestic species including horses, cats, coyotes, chimpanzees, and dogs. A lifelong learner, Dr. Andy is always searching for ways to improve herself both personally and professionally.


Dogs don't understand alpha

Science Based Techniques

Many trainers still use antiquated and aversive training methods such as "dominance", "leader of the pack" or "alpha" theories to guide their dog training. These have been long discredited and often times can lead to increased stress and anxiety in your dog. Do Better only uses the latest, peer-reviewed and accredited training techniques.


Dog training video recorded sessions

Video Recorded Sessions

Practice makes perfect and is integral to your dog's success. Each session with your pet will be recorded and provided within 48 hours of your appointment. This allows pet parents to review the concepts and continue the training in-between appointments. You'll always have the latest session to refer back to.

Force free fear free dog training

We Look for "yes" Opportunities

The golden rule of behavior is what gets rewarded, gets repeated. This is important to remember for two reasons. First, this mentality has us looking for naturally offered behaviors and rewarding them. This builds a positive bond between you and your dog and can increase their confidence. Second, remembering that what gets rewarded, gets repeated helps us better understand our dog’s behavior. They are not being “naughty” when they demonstrate behaviors we find undesirable, they are simply doing what is most rewarding/beneficial to them. Our job is to make the behaviors we want to see the most rewarding choice!

"Your dog isn't giving you a hard time, they're having a hard time."