Fear Free Doggy Day School

30-minutes of training daily broken into 2-3 sessions, playtime with people and/or appropriate dog play partners, daily enrichment item/task, structured relaxation time/exercises. 

Doggy Day School

Full Day Sessions - $75 per day

10x Full Day Session Packages - $700

At Do Better Training, we're redefining daytime care for dogs. We go beyond traditional daycare by offering a complete approach to meeting all of your dog's needs, not just tiring them out. Our Doggy Day School provides structured play, one-on-one training, in-kennel enrichment, structured relaxation, and supervised play sessions with appropriate play partners. It's a well-rounded day designed to ensure your dog's well-being and development.

Here's what a typical day at Doggy Day School includes:

  • Structured Play: Appropriate and supervised play with small groups, ensuring socialization without overstimulation.
  • One-on-One Training: Mental enrichment and skill-building with a certified trainer.
  • In-Kennel Enrichment: Activities to keep your dog engaged and stimulated.
  • Structured Relaxation: Learning to unwind and relax under the guidance of our trainers.

Moving on to the details:

  • One-on-One Training: Each day, your dog will work with a Fear Free certified trainer on desired behaviors or learning new tricks. These sessions offer mental enrichment and fulfill your dog's species-typical needs. Training sessions are tailored to your dog's individual needs and spaced throughout the day.
  • Daily Enrichment: Throughout breaks, your dog will participate in a range of enriching activities including solving food puzzles, indulging in lick mats, investigating DIY forage boxes, experiencing aromatherapy, enjoying calming music or nature sounds, engaging with bubbles, and exploring nosework, agility, or strengthening and balance exercises. Enrichment will be provided continuously throughout the day to cater to all aspects of your dog's well-being.
  • Structured Relaxation: Our trainers work with your dog on structured relaxation exercises to help them unwind and relax—a vital skill for a content and happy pup.
  • Play Sessions: Play is an essential aspect of a dog's life, especially for those who enjoy socializing. At Doggy Day School, we understand the importance of play, which is why we facilitate small group sessions designed to reinforce positive play behaviors, manage arousal levels, and minimize the risk of negative experiences. Plus, with Dr. Andy's dog Groot often on hand, playtime becomes even more fun and adorable!

For dogs who prefer human companionship, we also offer one-on-one play sessions with one of our dedicated Do Better Trainers.

Say goodbye to worries about your furry friend's daytime routine – enroll them in Doggy Day School today for a happier, healthier dog and a more peaceful workday for you.

Please note that Do Better Training keeps Day School numbers low to ensure that each dog receives the one-on-one attention they deserve. Be sure to grab your spot!

**Not appropriate for dogs that are struggling with behavioral challenges- to be assessed and determined via initial consultation. **

Choose Do Better Training for a transformative experience that prioritizes positive reinforcement, continual learning, and the well-being of your beloved companion.

  • LIMA Approach

    At Do Better Training, we adhere to the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach in animal training and behavior modification plans. We prioritize methods that are gentle, respectful, and considerate of your pet's well-being.

  • Empowering Approach

    Our training philosophy is centered around empowerment for both you and your pet. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills to build a strong, positive bond and create a harmonious life together.

  • Punishment-Free Philosophy

    We unequivocally reject the use of punishment in our training methods. Instead, we focus on positive, effective, and humane strategies that foster a trusting and positive relationship between you and your animal.

  • Science-Based Techniques

    Do Better trainers use only the latest, most effective peer reviewed training techniques.