Do Better Dog Training

Fear Free Certified Board and Training and Behavioral Boarding Facility in St. Charles Illinois.

Owner / Certified Behavior consultant

EdD, MS, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CCDT, FFCP, SBA Certified Behavior Consultant, Dog Trainer & Educator

Dr. Andy serves as the proprietor and primary behavior consultant, trainer, and educator at Do Better Training. With an enduring passion for animals, she has dedicated over two decades to professional work with various species. Dr. Andy's experience spans roles such as veterinary technician, behavioral researcher, biology professor, and force-free, L.I.M.A. trainer, encompassing a diverse array of wild and domestic animals, ranging from horses and cats to coyotes, chimpanzees, and dogs. Committed to continuous growth, Dr. Andy maintains a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement, both personally and professionally.

About Dr. Andy

Dr. Andy is always striving for excellence and is committed to furthering her education and training skills by attending several professional seminars and conferences each year. She aims to provide the very best to all of her clients and develop science-based, customized training and behavior modification plans to meet the needs of their pets. 


During her master's degree, Dr. Salis explored cognitive behavioral research with chimpanzees at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago and began her journey in force free, cooperative animal care. During her tenure at Lincoln Park she was fortunate enough to work with Keo, the last wild caught chimpanzee in captivity in North American Zoos.

Believing that healthy, happy human-animal relationships begin with human education, Dr. Andy completed her Doctorate in Education. Using a research-based approach, Dr. Andy explored communication strategies and volunteer engagement in animal care and training in a shelter setting. Through an intensive study of andragogy, cognitive function, volunteer engagement, and behavior, Dr. Andy has developed an intensive curriculum for shelter staff and volunteers interested in making a positive impact on the lives of shelter pets. She applies this same interest and dedication to the education of her private clients as well. 

Professional Accreditations

Professionally, Dr. Andy has demonstrated the same commitment and determination she applied to her academic career. Dr. Andy is a graduate of the Catch Canine Academy training program earning the title of Catch Certified Dog Trainer (CCDT) as well as a Certified Professional Canine Trainer and Behavior Consultant knowledge assessed through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. Always committed to a force-free animal husbandry, Dr. Andy is a Fear Free Certified Professional and Shelter Worker through Fear Free Pets. Through these programs, Dr. Andy has developed an expertise in fear free handling and cooperative care which emphasizes the importance of agency when working with animals and the value of engaging an animal to be a willing and active participant in their own care. Dr. Andy is also a supporting member and Shelter Behavior Affiliate with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and is a professional member in good standing with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

The Do Better Facility

Located in the former Loyal Companions Pet Resort, the Do Better Training Board and Train Facility was designed with Fear Free animal care in mind.

Boarding Kennels

Our private suites are equipped with full-time webcam access allowing dog guardians to continually check in on their beloved pets. These spacious suites each feature a comfortable cot paired with blankets and towels, as well as aromatherapy and calming music and in kennel enrichment to meet their mental needs.

Half of the kennel aisle doors are designed with frosted glass, effectively preventing the dogs from seeing each other which reduces stress and tension.

The inability for dogs to see each other during their stay can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. This is primarily because dogs, especially those in unfamiliar environments, can exhibit territorial behavior or feel threatened by other dogs, which can induce stress. By preventing visual contact, dogs are allowed to relax and adjust to their new environment at their own pace, focusing only on their own space without the stimulus of other dogs.

Day Train Kennels

Our Day Train Kennels are only located on one side of the training room, providing each dog with ample privacy for a stress-free experience. For each dog's comfort during relaxation time, we furnish the kennels with plenty of blankets and towels. Additionally, we promote a calming atmosphere with aromatherapy and gentle music. To keep dogs mentally stimulated, we also offer in-kennel enrichment during their daily downtime with us.

Outdoor Space

Our outdoor training space is laid with artificial turf, creating a smooth, safe, and mud-free surface for both play and training activities. A solid wooden fence surrounds the space, heightening safety and reducing any potential distractions during training. The area is also equipped with a drainage system ensuring that any rain, debris or urine will properly drain.

Indoor Training Areas

Our facility features two expansive indoor training areas, both equipped with comfortable non-slip flooring, ensuring a safe environment conducive to engagement and learning for dogs. Both rooms are designed to be bright and welcoming, adding to the overall positive training experience.